Thursday, July 30, 2009


What is it that make it so hard for people to talk to each other and how to overcome emotional war?

In the movie, "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers" potrays the difficulties between people to interact with each other. There are few reasons that make it so hard for people to talk to each other. Firstly, the problem of language barriers between the people from different backgrounds. It is very difficult for a person to interact with someone who doesn't share the same medium of conversation. A Chinese who only can speak Mandarin would have difficulties in interacting with an Iranian, wouldn't he? As in the movie, Mr. Shi have slight difficulties in talking to Madam, but as they both can speak little English, it helps them to understand each other. People will also have difficulties to talk to each other if they doesn't have the same interest in life. Mr. Shi and his wife doesn't talk too much with each other because they don't share similar interest. On the other hand, Mr Shi can comfortably talking to the puncher in his workplace, as they have similar interest. Another reason of why is it so hard for people to talk to each other, especially among family members is due to family conflict. This potrayed by Yilan who become a quiet person because of her family life, as her father Mr. Shi is accused to have a scandal at work, and have less interaction with his own wife. So, because of these reasons, people have difficulties talking to each other.

The movie also shows emotional war that potrayed by Yilan, who is newly divorced because of lack of interaction with her husband. Her father is worrying that she always remain silent as seems like she is unhappy with her life. But, she firmly said that she is happy by being quiet, even though deep inside, she is not. The only way for her to get away from this is to be honest and express her feelings to others, so that it will not be a burden for her to hold inside her heart.

So, that's all.


  1. some people speak less
    they text A LOT

    and they are not Yilan and Mr Shi

  2. sometimes they talked A LOT.
    BUT..... other people just DIDN'T SEE THEM TALKING. they need PERFECT TIMING to talk A LOT to each other. isn't that ryte mr fadli?

  3. ewah ewah ~
    got some more assistant to reply